Technological disruptions in services

When our fridge broke down, at the end of last month, the job of finding a replacement was made a lot easier by the existence of websites, and significantly more interesting by the existence of augmented reality. With the former, we could gather lots of information about each fridge’s features and their availability, which helped … Continue reading Technological disruptions in services

[Miscellany] Three interesting podcast episodes

I want to share with you three interesting podcasts that I came across recently. Daniel Kahneman on noisy decision making, and the need for algorithms Sandra Peter interviews psychologist / behavioural economist and Noble prize winner, Daniel Kahneman, for the Sydney Business Insights podcast. He discusses his famous book, Thinking Fast and Slow. But, most … Continue reading [Miscellany] Three interesting podcast episodes

Useful typology of the role of technology in service interactions

The paper entitled “Frontline Technology Infusion: Conceptual Archetypes and a Future Research Agenda” offers a useful typology for the role of technology in customer service. The paper was authored by Arne De Keyser, Sarah Köcher, Linda Nasr and Jay Kandampully, and the authors provide various examples of how technology may 1) have no role, 2) … Continue reading Useful typology of the role of technology in service interactions

October 2020 round-up

This month included 2 weeks of half-term for the kiddo. Since we did not use camps, and there were limited opportunities to meet friends, this created some challenges. So, it’s a good thing that the month started well (as far as productivity is concerned). Time blocks worked well for me, as did weekly and daily … Continue reading October 2020 round-up

September 2020 round-up

September was about the return to routine. We returned to work after the family vacation. The kiddo returned to school after the long summer break, and the teen returned to her student accommodation. We also returned to the gym, after the lockdown.  Of course, everything is different this time around. Meetings are taking place online. Face … Continue reading September 2020 round-up

August 2020 round-up

August was a month in two halves. The first one was spent at home, in the UK, trying to squeeze in some relaxation in between meetings and other work commitments. The second one was spent in Portugal, trying to squeeze in meetings and other work commitments in between some relaxation. First half The number of … Continue reading August 2020 round-up

The human backstage of tech businesses

In a recent episode of Intelligence Squared, Martha Lane Fox and Mishal Husain, reminisced about the early days of the Internet and, specifically,, the pioneer travel and leisure website, launched by Lane Fox and her business partner, in 1998.   The journalist Mishal Husain recalled: “I remember so well that the first two websites … Continue reading The human backstage of tech businesses

Showing customers the care and effort that goes into creating the perfect experience

Last Sunday the teen scored a goal for her ice-hockey team. She celebrated. The team celebrated. The team’s supporters celebrated… But it was all in vain, because the referee did not see the goal, and, so, he disallowed it. It doesn’t matter that the puck went over the line. The referee didn’t see it. It … Continue reading Showing customers the care and effort that goes into creating the perfect experience

Unpacking perceived risk in the purchase of services

I am preparing some notes for a Services Marketing module, and thought that I would share this extract with you. Services are mostly composed of intangible elements, which makes it very difficult for a customer to assess the quality of the service before purchasing it (and, sometimes, even afterwards as in the case of credence … Continue reading Unpacking perceived risk in the purchase of services

Day in the Life of an academic #3: welcoming new students

The sabbatical is well and truly over, and the days of focusing on research are just a distant (but cherished) memory. I am now deep into the new semester, busy welcoming the new students (in my role as programme leader for the MSc Marketing), class preparation for the new semester, and dissertation supervision (for students … Continue reading Day in the Life of an academic #3: welcoming new students