Miscellany: Webinar video, research news, and GOV.UK updates

I have put together a short blog post with some odds and ends that I have been meaning to share with you.

  1. Webinar video – How to improve the world on a small budget

To start with, here is the video from the talk on “How to improve the world, on a small budget” that I participated in, back in February, about social enterprise.

It starts with an introduction by my colleague Dr Gurdeep Kohli. Then, Mr Navjot Sawhney presents his social enterprise, The Washing Machine Project, and talks about challenges faced. That is followed by an intervention by my colleague Dr Manoj Dora, on the logistical challenges faced by this project, and by supply chains, more generally. And, finally, me.

Research news – Food waste

At the end of last year, I participated in a research project examining attitudes towards food waste, among young adults. It was a project done with the Harrow council, and led by my colleague Professor Danae Manika.

We found that, among this group, there is some confusion regarding what can be recycled and how. Here is a short write-up of the main findings.

These findings are now feeding into another project examining possible interventions to address this gap.

Suggestion – GOV.UK weekly updates

The government conducts or commissions research on many topics. Reports of those findings, as well as of various government statistics are available on the government’s website, GOV.UK

You can also subscribe to receiving their latest publications via e-mail. You can’t really select based on interest area. So, you may end up receiving lots of reports that are not of interest to you (Weekly banana prices, anyone?). But amidst all of these, there are lots of interesting reports. For instance, this past weekend, there was an interesting report on compliance with Covid-19 guidelines. You can sign up, here.

What has caught your attention, recently?

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