#followfriday: @JamesLRamsay

#followfriday (or #ff) is a tradition started by Micah Baldwin (according to Mashable), whereby you name Twitter user your followers should know about. In addition to naming interesting users on Twitter, I provide a bit of background information on them in here. Enjoy!

I met James some years ago, when I was teaching at Henley Business School. He was in my Relationship Marketing class.

I was running through a case study of how a frozen chips manufacturer had tried to connect with a group of valuable targeted customers: first time mums, with an interest in all things fresh and organic. 

As usual, I was trying to get the class involved and asked who had young children.

James raised his hand. I was encouraged.

I asked what he felt about giving frozen chips to his first child and he replied, completely matter of fact, that he loved them because they were really useful when the baby was teething.

He wasn’t kidding. That’s just how James thinks!

James – twitter handle @JamesLRamsay – is not limited by established norms. He doesn’t go with the crowd. He is with the crowd but he looks at things his own way. As his own Twitter bio says, he is a fresh thinker. Do you want an example? Just read how he dealt with his young child’s nightmare here.

And that’s not all.

@JamesLRamsay is clued up about technology; he shares useful links about business, leadership and entrepreneurship, among others; he engages with the community; he is kind and completely the opposite of a show-off. We need more users like him on Twitter.

I enthusiastically recommend that you follow @JamesLRamsay. It will be a breath of fresh air in your Twitter feed.

7 thoughts on “#followfriday: @JamesLRamsay

  1. Thank you so much, Ana.You have mastered the art of giving and you are very generous with your advice and encouragement – Im watching and learning!When I first joined twitter you sent me tweet that said: “Welcome to twitter – I look forward to seeing great things from you”It made me jump (impact) and make me think about what I can share and add, but its never been too hard as I have some very good role models to watch and learn fromWishing you a wonderful weekendJames (Glowing)


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