Research project “Taking Liberties” – practitioner reports available

For the past couple of years I have been working with colleagues from the Open University on a research project looking at the uses of commercial data for national security purposes. The project was sponsored by the Leverhulme Trust and was motivated by the observation that, increasingly, commercial organisations are asked to act on behalf of the government, from tax collection to crime detection. We wanted to investigate the impact of this ‘public-private blurring’ on organisations and their relationships with key stakeholders. The study focused on the financial services and the travel industries.

We just reached the end of the project. We submitted the final report to the sponsor and presented the findings to the companies that participated in the project (with fantastic feedback, I am happy to report). I am delighted to share the summary reports with you. As usual, feedback and comments are welcome.

Final Travel industry report

Final fInancial services report

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