On academics and practitioners working together

Last Friday, I published a blog post with some thoughts on the potential and limitations of using technology to support assisted living, in the home. This is a matter that is very much in mind, lately, due to some events with ageing relatives. It is also very much on Tim’s mind – who is a … Continue reading On academics and practitioners working together

New paper “Digital strategy aligning in SMEs: A dynamic capabilities perspective”

Several years ago, Sarah Quinton, Rebecca Pera, Sebastián Molinillo, Lyndon Simkin and I set out to investigate how small and business organisation (SMEs) adopt digital technology, and how they adapt their strategy to succeed in the digital environment. While there is a significant body of work on digitalisation, it tends to focus on large organisations, … Continue reading New paper “Digital strategy aligning in SMEs: A dynamic capabilities perspective”

How sharing photos on social media can improve well-being of older citizens

Last week I followed, briefly, the suggestions shared via the hashtag #Selfisolationhelp, on how to keep in touch with distant relatives, during the Covid19 crisis. By and large, the comments discussed different uses of digital technology to stay in touch with relatives and friends; with a great many of these focusing on older citizens, for … Continue reading How sharing photos on social media can improve well-being of older citizens

Video: Digitalisation of SMEs

When I was at Oxford Brookes University, I worked on a project about the digitalisation of small and medium businesses (SMEs). We looked at how these businesses were using digital technologies, and which factors supported the successful adoption and depletion of these technologies.   This was a project developed with Drs. Sarah Quinton, Rebecca Pera, … Continue reading Video: Digitalisation of SMEs

Report: Digitalisation of SMEs

I have mentioned, several times, here in the blog, a project that I have been working on, with Drs. Sarah Quinton, Rebecca Pera, Tribikram Budhathoki and Sebastian Molinillo. The project looks at the preparedness levels of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for the digital economy. Among other initiatives, the study included a survey, which ran in four different … Continue reading Report: Digitalisation of SMEs

December 2014 and January 2015 round-up

At the end of December, I was travelling and had limited access to the Internet. So, I decided not to write my usual monthly 'round up' post. Nonetheless, I still took the time to reflect on how the month had gone; and, afterwards, on how 2014 had gone, and I was stricken by the difference. … Continue reading December 2014 and January 2015 round-up

October round-up

This month I did not manage to finish (and submit) a journal article; I learned that I was not shortlisted for a fellowship that I had applied for, and my inbox has practically exploded. But, it wasn’t all bad news. These are some of the highlights from October. Researching I may have failed to be … Continue reading October round-up

September round-up

I like months that start on Monday. I don’t know why. I suppose it’s one of those quirky things that don’t require an explanation. With September starting on a Monday, and no-doubt fuelled by the amazing weather, I was filled with optimism and wrote this in my journal: “September is going to be good”. So, … Continue reading September round-up

July round-up

July was going to be the month I was going to get on top of my to do list. It didn’t happen. It was nonetheless a good month, which included the following highlights.   Researching At the beginning of the month, I attended the Academy of Marketing conference, in Bournemouth. I presented 2 papers, including … Continue reading July round-up