Spotted elsewhere: interview with co-founder of Instagram


A short interview with Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, by BBC’s Steph McGovern.



Spotted on the BBC website.


So what?

It is a short interview, but Steph McGovern and Kevin Systrom cover quite a bit of ground such as longevity on social media, Instagram’s rivals, kids spending too much time on social media, and so on. For me, however, the key segment is at 1m44s when the interviewer mentions selfies. Kevin Systrom says:

In college and high school I studied Art History. What are like the main subjects? Basically, it’s food and portraits. So, I actually don’t think that we are seeing the emergence of the selfie. I think, actually, this has been a trend throughout history. Pictures of your self for posterity sake. Being able to remember and be nostalgic of a time when either you were younger or were at a place. This is just something that has continued throughout time and I think, now, it is leveraging the fact that you can share it with your friends.


It seems to me like an attempt to gentrify the selfie.


What caught your eye on the web, this week?

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