Presentation on the challenges of using Twitter for sentiment analysis

As usual, I am sharing you with you my latest presentation. This one was on the topic of using Twitter for sentiment analysis, building on the work done with Yuvraj Padmanabhan (open access paper  available here).


I really don’t want to put you off using Twitter for customer insight. On the contrary – it has lots of benefits (slide 6), and various advantages over other methods of studying the impact of emotions on behaviour (slides 4 and 5). My goal is only to emphasise the issues to watch out for when doing so, and to invest some time in going through your data corpus and tweaking your analysis tool to make sure you really tap into Twitter’s great potential.


Also, really question the suitability of the medium to study what you are interested in. For instance, Pratik Thakar, Head of creative content for Coca-Cola Asia-Pacific, describes social media as a ‘big focus group’, which offers ‘a good way to identify trends and what people are talking about—but not why they are talking’.


Enjoy the presentation, and share your ideas and suggestions with me.

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