April 2016 round-up

It’s Spring, there are flowers peeking everywhere…


… and snow.


That’s right. It snowed. At least it melted quickly. I am so ready for warm weather…


Here are my highlights for April. Tell me yours, in the comments below.



The panel proposal that I was working on last month was rejected. But I finished the small grant proposal and submitted it.


There have been some hiccups with the analysis of data collected in a multinational survey. But I asked for help on a couple of online communities and, hopefully, it will be sorted, soon.



Not much writing this month. Though, I had two papers published. This one on success factors for university-industry research collaboration; and this one presenting a set of propositions for the development of learning initiatives that deliver deep learning, promote engagement, and develop digital marketing and soft skills.



Still teaching that module on Digital Marketing Communications and, frankly, I just gave up showing videos from the Internet during class – when the Internet works is the sound that fails me. Argh…


As detailed in my latest ‘day in the life of an academic’ post, this month I also did a guest lecture on the dark side of Customer Relationship Management, and a short talk on the use of social media for research communication.

DITL5 08

Finally, I marked some resit assignments for the module that I taught last semester on Customer Relationship Management. And I also started marking dissertations.

DITL5 06



I had some professional coaching and learned a lot about why I approach my managerial work as I do, and how to make the most of my working style. I confess that I was very sceptical about this sort of coaching, thinking that it was very self-indulgent. But, now, I wish that I had done this before, as it would have eliminated a lot of anxiety and stress, given me more confidence and, generally, allowed me to enjoy this aspect of my work much more. So, my message is: if you are offered the chance to get professional coaching, grab it with both hands.


I also learned a bit more about branded content, when I joined the roundtable event at Oxford Brookes University, led by my colleague Bjoern Asmussen.

Bjoern BC

And I have continued to experiment with Snapchat, making my first story with videos (as opposed to photographs).


What were April’s highlights for you?

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