Recent publications #3

This has been a productive year on the writing front, with several long running projects finally materialising in publications. Here is an overview of what I have published, since my previous update. Journal articles Ball, K., Canhoto, A. I., Daniel, E., Dibb, S., Meadows, M. & Spiller, K. (2020). Organizational tensions arising from mandatory data exchange between the … Continue reading Recent publications #3

Recent publications #2

A couple of years ago, I published a blog post giving an overview of the academic work that I had published recently. That led up to very interesting conversations and collaborations. So, I thought that I should write a short update on what I have published in the last couple of years. Let’s start with the … Continue reading Recent publications #2

New paper: Big data, big decisions: The impact of big data on board level decision-making

If you are interested on the impact of big data on business, you might want to check a new paper that I co-authored with Alessandro Merendino, Sally Dibb, Maureen Meadows, Lee Quinn, David Wilson and Lyndon Simkin; and which has just been published in the Journal of Business Research. This paper reports on a research … Continue reading New paper: Big data, big decisions: The impact of big data on board level decision-making

April 2016 round-up

It’s Spring, there are flowers peeking everywhere… ... and snow. That’s right. It snowed. At least it melted quickly. I am so ready for warm weather…   Here are my highlights for April. Tell me yours, in the comments below.   Researching The panel proposal that I was working on last month was rejected. But … Continue reading April 2016 round-up

Studying sentiment on Twitter is… complicated

Emotions are key to explain and anticipate consumer behaviour, and sentiment analysis offers marketers a way of measuring and summarising those emotions. Emotions displayed on social media conversations, in particular, are very appealing for research, as these platforms offer many opportunities to listen to the conversations in real time, with minimum disruption for the individuals … Continue reading Studying sentiment on Twitter is… complicated

April 2015 round-up

April is high up on my list of months that just flew by. Seriously, where did the last 30 days go? April was also a month of contrasts: highs and lows, fast and slow, noise and silence… It was a month that gave me a lot to think about, as I was preparing my monthly … Continue reading April 2015 round-up

March 2015 round-up

Spring is here (at least officially), I had one journal and three conference papers accepted, and our lovely friends SP have visited us. So, all in all, the month is ending on a high note. And if it is true that 50% of my sabbatical is now gone :-(, it is also the case that … Continue reading March 2015 round-up

June round-up

June was a very weird month. Following some health problems, I had to take time off at the start of the month. Really off –the  ‘not-even-reading-a-book-kind-of- being-off' off.   That means that I failed to achieve most of the things on my To Do list. Still, there were some highlights during the month.   Researching … Continue reading June round-up