June 2017 round-up

It’s summer and I am very much enjoying the long ‘days’. Yay.

June 21st: nearly 10 pm, and still light.

And the GCSEs are over. Double yay.


This month, I interviewed for, and was appointed to, the position of leader of the Marketing division at my Business School (i.e., head of department). Plus, at the end of the month, I learned that I had won a Reviewer Award by the Journal of Marketing Management.

JMM certificate 2016 reviewer AC.png

The other highlights for this month are below.



My colleague Cagri Yalkin invited me to get involved in a fascinating research project that she developed, looking at the role of Instagram in the consumer socialisation of millennials. It is a fascinating project (thank you, Cagri!), and I am loving going through the data, and I trying to make sense of it all. Data analysis is definitely my favourite bit of research.


Moreover, I prepared a presentation about my research interests, for the Research Away day for our department, which was a really useful opportunity for me to reflect on what I have been doing, and how it all fits together.




This was another month of doing bits and pieces on various papers. I made some minor changes on two papers, and sent them off to my co-authors.


I worked on the research framework for another paper. And, with my co-author, decided on the target outlet for a fourth paper.


I also reviewed three papers.




Marking continued – including reviewing colleagues’ marks and joining exam committee meetings.


Plus, I had various meetings with MSc and PhD students, who are working on their research projects.



I attended an information session about research funding opportunities at the Wellcome trust, and learned not only about their programmes but also about many different cool research projects done by my colleagues, around health and wellbeing.


Plus, there was the research away day that I mentioned before. It was a great opportunity to learn about my colleagues’ work and explore opportunities for collaboration. For instance, we identified an opportunity around SMEs and digital technologies.

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