June 2017 round-up

It’s summer and I am very much enjoying the long ‘days’. Yay. And the GCSEs are over. Double yay.   This month, I interviewed for, and was appointed to, the position of leader of the Marketing division at my Business School (i.e., head of department). Plus, at the end of the month, I learned that … Continue reading June 2017 round-up

Wearables aren’t just for Christmas

Health and fitness wearables are likely to be on many people's list, this Christmas. This is great because it means that we are all trying to improve our health and fitness. Move more. Run faster. Sleep better. Eat more healthily. And we want to monitor how well we are doing. Image source Widespread use of … Continue reading Wearables aren’t just for Christmas

Studying sentiment on Twitter is… complicated

Emotions are key to explain and anticipate consumer behaviour, and sentiment analysis offers marketers a way of measuring and summarising those emotions. Emotions displayed on social media conversations, in particular, are very appealing for research, as these platforms offer many opportunities to listen to the conversations in real time, with minimum disruption for the individuals … Continue reading Studying sentiment on Twitter is… complicated