Starbucks is dealing with its social media crisis one tweet at a time

In the aftermath of the incident where two black men were accused of trespassing and arrested, Starbucks announced that it would close 8,000 of its US-based stores for race-sensitivity training.   Unsurprisingly, some members of the public took to Twitter to comment on this decision. For instance:   Less predictably, perhaps, Starbucks engaged with the … Continue reading Starbucks is dealing with its social media crisis one tweet at a time

June 2017 round-up

It’s summer and I am very much enjoying the long ‘days’. Yay. And the GCSEs are over. Double yay.   This month, I interviewed for, and was appointed to, the position of leader of the Marketing division at my Business School (i.e., head of department). Plus, at the end of the month, I learned that … Continue reading June 2017 round-up

Things I am loving lately #1

A collection of random things that I am enjoying lately, and that I really wanted to tell you about, but which, individually, are not enough for a blog post.   1. Working outdoors The weather has been gorgeous, and the days are ‘long’ (yeah, yeah, I know that they are still the same length – … Continue reading Things I am loving lately #1

Three steps to spot brewing social media crises

User generated content (UGC), like tweets, blogs or videos, which criticise brands, can spread widely and quickly. If marketing managers leave these conversations unattended, they can go viral, and threaten the brands; whereas handling the negative UGC will reassure other customers (including potential ones) that the company listens, cares and is in control. So, brands … Continue reading Three steps to spot brewing social media crises

Handling social media crises

When problems happen and customers take to social media to vent their frustration, it may lead to a social media crisis like the one faced by United or Comcast. So, it is important to detect problems quickly, and act effectively. I recently published a paper, co-authored with Finola Kerrigan, Dirk vom Lehn, Cagri Yalkin, Marc Braun … Continue reading Handling social media crises