Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The talented Daniela Castillo and I are organising a workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing.

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Our aim is to bring together 12 participants for in-depth discussions about:

  • Developments in Artificial Intelligence
  • What this means for marketing – e.g., in terms of customer behaviour, marketing strategy, and even the role of marketing and marketers
  • Methodological issues arising from these technological developments


This will be a very interactive workshop. There will be short overviews of recent developments in Artificial Intelligence by people working in the area, followed by group and general discussions.


The workshop will be offered to delegates at the Academy of Marketing, which, this year, takes place in Stirling, between 2th and 5th July 2018. More information about the conference is available here.



Our workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, 3rd July. If you would like to join us, you need to submit an interest paper of up to 4 pages focusing on consumer behaviour in relation to AI, or uses of AI in any area of marketing management, or methodological issues relating to research of AI in marketing. More information about this and other workhops is availahle here.


If you have ideas, suggestions or questions about this workshop, leave a comment below or get in contact with me.

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