Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The talented Daniela Castillo and I are organising a workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing. Our aim is to bring together 12 participants for in-depth discussions about: Developments in Artificial Intelligence What this means for marketing – e.g., in terms of customer behaviour, marketing strategy, and even the role of marketing and marketers Methodological issues … Continue reading Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

July 2016 round-up

Hello from sunny California, where I travelled to in order to attend (and present at) the Academy of Management annual conference. I am presenting my research on the hidden biases of algorithms used in decision making – specifically, those present in algorithms that sort through our financial transactions. If you are interested in this topic, … Continue reading July 2016 round-up

June 2016 round up

Brexit. That’s what dominated my June 2016 – first, the worry about it; then, the feeling of despair at the outcome. Which is a shame, because there were many good things happening this month, too, such as the graduation ceremonies.   Moving on… Here are my highlights from June. Tell me yours, in the comments … Continue reading June 2016 round up

July 2015 round-up

July was a strange month, and yet very typical of this time of the year. I returned to my teaching and managerial responsibilities following the end of the sabbatical (including an office move), attended the Academy of Marketing Conference in Ireland, and had annual leave.   My #5pm pictures tell a great story about this … Continue reading July 2015 round-up

Presenting my research on developing customer profiles

I am at Lancaster University, for the Management Learning conference. First impressions so far are great: a friendly group, and I even met another marketer 😉 I am presenting tomorrow morning on my research into how organisations develop profiles of their customers. My experience is that different employees presented with the same data set about a … Continue reading Presenting my research on developing customer profiles

Digital Research 2012, Oxford

This week I am attending Digital Research 2012. It takes place in Oxford which means that I save on travelling time and expenses. Win.   I am particularly interested in this conference because it brings together digital researchers from various disciplines. Looking at mentions of the conference on Twitter, for instance, I can see researchers … Continue reading Digital Research 2012, Oxford

Evidence that customers use social media strategically to get firms’ attention

With social media users routinely posting online about their consumption experiences – good and bad – there is much scope for conversations between firms and their customers. Unfortunately, this includes much room for disastrous interactions that damage customer goodwill, can generate into public relations nightmares and produce costly damage for the firms. As part of … Continue reading Evidence that customers use social media strategically to get firms’ attention

Social Media and Customer Insight

In a previous post, I reported on the keynote speech by Charles Hofacker, at the Academy of Marketing conference – you can read it here. Charles noted how computers have been getting smaller but more powerful, and closer and closer to the users. As a consequence of smaller, more powerful and closer information technology, consumer … Continue reading Social Media and Customer Insight