Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The talented Daniela Castillo and I are organising a workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing. Our aim is to bring together 12 participants for in-depth discussions about: Developments in Artificial Intelligence What this means for marketing – e.g., in terms of customer behaviour, marketing strategy, and even the role of marketing and marketers Methodological issues … Continue reading Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

March 2016 round-up

This month felt very much like a Mad Hatter tea party, with quite a bit of nonsense, and weirdness, and twists and turns. At least there was a lot of tea. And cake. These are my highlights for the month that was. Tell me yours, in the comments below.   Researching I worked on a … Continue reading March 2016 round-up

July 2015 round-up

July was a strange month, and yet very typical of this time of the year. I returned to my teaching and managerial responsibilities following the end of the sabbatical (including an office move), attended the Academy of Marketing Conference in Ireland, and had annual leave.   My #5pm pictures tell a great story about this … Continue reading July 2015 round-up

RyanAir CMO says: It’s not cheap. It’s smart.

What do RyanAir, Aldi, Ikea, H&M and Amazon have in common?   According to Kenny Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at RyanAir, these are all brands that appeal to customers because they allow them to spend money smartly.   It is less about “The brand is cheap. The customers are skint”. More about “The brand is … Continue reading RyanAir CMO says: It’s not cheap. It’s smart.

July round-up

July was going to be the month I was going to get on top of my to do list. It didn’t happen. It was nonetheless a good month, which included the following highlights.   Researching At the beginning of the month, I attended the Academy of Marketing conference, in Bournemouth. I presented 2 papers, including … Continue reading July round-up

Evidence that customers use social media strategically to get firms’ attention

With social media users routinely posting online about their consumption experiences – good and bad – there is much scope for conversations between firms and their customers. Unfortunately, this includes much room for disastrous interactions that damage customer goodwill, can generate into public relations nightmares and produce costly damage for the firms. As part of … Continue reading Evidence that customers use social media strategically to get firms’ attention

Computers: getting under your skin?

I have recently participated in the annual conference of the Academy of Marketing, which this year took place in Southampton. The conference was kick-started by Charles Hofacker, Professor of Marketing at Florida State University. The keynote speaker noted that, over time, computers have moved closer and closer to the user. For instance, he recalled that, … Continue reading Computers: getting under your skin?