The new normal. How can I help you?

Today, is the first day of Spring. It is also the first day of what will be our new normal for a long time to come. The kiddo is starting home schooling today, and has a streamed class later on (though, right now, we are both on the sofa, not feeling our best). The teen is home from University, and unsure what the rest of her academic year will look like. And the husband and I are busy developing online resources for our students.

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Stopping whatever we are doing, every afternoon, to watch the prime minister’s daily briefings is quickly becoming a routine. And earlier this week, I spent more than 2 hours on a queue for Ocado. Eventually, I managed to get a delivery slot for 2 weeks later. Maybe this will become part of our new normal, too.


I tend to be very practical, and not fret over things that I can’t control. So, by and large, I have been ploughing through, putting contingency plans in place for work, trying to support colleagues and students… I will try to go out a little bit every day (but avoiding other people, of course), and I hope to continue blogging. At work, we also scheduled a weekly Skype call to check on each other, and to keep working together.


However, I have my down moments, too. Earlier this week, I cracked when I received an e-mail message cancelling Park Run. I don’t even know why I reacted so emotionally, as it’s been ages since I have been to one. It was quite bizarre. I also worry about how many of those around us will not be there at the end. Or will be there, but with serious physical or emotional scars. And how society will change. Or what the long-term geopolitical implications will be.


But I am also uplifted by the many really clever, really helpful and really heart-warming initiatives. Our local bakery started doing home deliveries. Supermarkets are opening early, exclusively for older customers and other vulnerable people. Pret-a-manger is offering free coffee and 50% off everything else for health professionals. Audible is offering free access to their titles for children, in 6 languages. The Body Coach will be live streaming free PE lessons for home schooled children, every week day at 9 am, on YouTube. Arjan Tupan created a newsletter to share practical advice as well as inspiration. Mark Shaeffer is running masterclasses via Facebook Live, every Tuesday and Friday, 2pm (UK time).


These examples have left me wondering: What can I do to make your days a little bit better, easier or richer?


Can I produce some new content related to the latest thinking on marketing / customer service / marketing technology that will help stimulate your brain, and keep you up to date with the latest developments in this area? Or maybe I should go back to basics, and focus on key marketing concepts. Or maybe forget marketing for the time being. Is talking about marketing icky, now?


And what format would work better for you? Maybe it would be helpful if I continued writing my usual blogs, to give you some sense of continuity. Or maybe you would prefer short videos, to see a familiar face? Or maybe something more interactive?


Maybe we could have a virtual writing group? Or virtual reading group? Or virtual coffee hour?


Let me know how I can help you. I can’t promise that I will always be useful, or even positive. But I can promise to be there for you, and to do my best to make your days a little bit better.

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