July 2020 round-up

Last month, I wrote that “all going well, we will be moving at the end of July (please keep your fingers crossed for me – I really need things to not go pear shaped, this time)”. One month later, I am happy, delighted, ecstatic to let you know that we did move! Hooray. I am … Continue reading July 2020 round-up

April 2020 round-up

To be honest, I was a little bit nervous about doing my monthly review. On the one hand, I really wasn’t looking forward to re-read daily-entry after daily-entry about being in lockdown, like when I was wondering how to do an Easter egg hunt in the flat. On the other hand, I felt that whatever … Continue reading April 2020 round-up

Day in the Life of an Academic #10: In lock-down

A peak into a day that was anything but ordinary: April 1st, a Wednesday, halfway through the second week of lockdown in the UK.   I got up just before 8 am, which is very late for me. Normally, by now, I would be getting ready to leave the house to drop the kiddo in … Continue reading Day in the Life of an Academic #10: In lock-down

March 2020 round-up

At the beginning of the month, I wrote in my journal that March would be a month in two halves. And it was. But not at all as I had imagined it would be. To be fair, my months rarely pan out as planned. But, boy, has this month been unexpected?!   The first half … Continue reading March 2020 round-up

The new normal. How can I help you?

Today, is the first day of Spring. It is also the first day of what will be our new normal for a long time to come. The kiddo is starting home schooling today, and has a streamed class later on (though, right now, we are both on the sofa, not feeling our best). The teen … Continue reading The new normal. How can I help you?