Video of LinkedIn Live “The Value of Customer Feedback”

Yesterday, I joined the entrepreneur (and a former student of mine!), Yekemi Otaru, for a LinkedIn Live show, to talk about the importance of Customer Feedback, and how to collect it. I really enjoyed chatting with Kemi.

We covered a lot of ground on various aspects related to the importance of customer feedback for insight, service recovery and social proof. We also discussed how feedback is influenced by:

  • The type of company (namely, whether it has direct access to customers or not)
  • The customer’s confidence, knowledge and motivation, and
  • Whether the customer had a good or bad experience, and the focus (e.g., customer interaction, product or communications).

We also talked about the importance of internal feedback channels.

If you missed the live show, or if you would like to revisit it, the recording is now available, here:

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