March 2021 round-up

The days are definitely brighter and warmer, now that we are in March. And we even had a couple of really warm days, which came just in time for us to enjoy the easing of the 3rd lockdown, in England. Life certainly feels easier, and more pleasant than a few months ago.

We have been spending some time in the garden – both tending to it, and enjoying it. It’s so, so, so much better than this time last year.

On the writing front, I finished and submitted the Sentiment Analysis piece. I also worked on the report of the preliminary findings from a project looking at representations Women and Money in media images. It was really interesting to see what type of women and behaviours are depicted in the media, when it comes to issues related to money, including banking, investment, etc… I am looking forward to sharing the findings with you (but can’t do it just, yet).

I have also been working on a paper related to smart retail technology. The deadline has been extended, which is great, as I still have lots of work to do on this paper.

On a side note, I attended a very interesting workshop on writing for policy makers. My notes, plus a link to the video, are available here.

On the research front, there was the Women and Money project that I mentioned, above, and which involved coding images from popular image banks. We also started collecting data for a project looking at experiences of using digital technology during Covid-19, and the relationship between use and wellbeing. I also secured funding for some work on the role of mobile apps in post-Covid business recovery. Hooray.

I continued to teach the Customer Relationship Management. Continued masters’ supervision meetings. And read the complete manuscript for one of my PhD students – he is so, so close to the finish line! I did a LinkedIn live show with Yekemi Otaru, on the importance of customer feedback for SMEs. And, on a less pleasant note, dealt with a batch of student academic misconduct cases.

On the admin front, we have a new colleague, which is great. And we have a new advert out for 2 more vacancies. The deadline is April, 14th. If you are interested (and reading this post before April 14th), you can apply, here

How are things at your end?

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