Some thoughts on where and what to blog

Today is the 10th anniversary of my blog. Or the 10th blogday, as my former colleague, Debbie Witney, called it in a comment made in the post published this time last year. In this 10th year, I published 55 posts, bringing the total to 554 posts. That’s over 35,000 words in the last year alone, … Continue reading Some thoughts on where and what to blog

Relationship Marketing in action

Remember that post about gratitude in marketing, and its impact on customer loyalty? Well, I have just seen it into action. My daughter e-mailed the owner of a small business that offers rabbit boarding services, asking whether they could look after her pet rabbit while we are on holidays. This is the reply that she … Continue reading Relationship Marketing in action

Gratitude in marketing

My twitter feed is reminding me that, today, North America celebrates Thanksgiving. It is a festival of religious origins encouraging people to be thankful for the good things and the opportunities in their lives – more information is available here. I thought this would be just the right excuse to tell you about some research … Continue reading Gratitude in marketing