#AcWriMo 2022 – Week 1 round up

Total for week 1: 12h15m Average per day: 1h45m (skewed by an unusually long session on day 3) I have been doing AcWriMo in one form or another since its inception, 11 years ago. Sometimes I focus on time; other times on specific outputs. This year, I chose to focus on the second edition of … Continue reading #AcWriMo 2022 – Week 1 round up

Filming – take 2

The book is now available for purchase! Yay.   And Susan, Nigel and I are recording materials for the book’s companion website. Again.   We met 10 days ago to film the chapter introduction. It was scorching hot – 87F / 30.5C inside the room – but we persevered. All day. However, there were some … Continue reading Filming – take 2

New book ‘Management Research – Applying the Principles’

I don’t think I’ve told you this, yet: I co-authored a book with Susan Rose and Nigel Spinks. The title is ‘Management Research - Applying the Principles’ and is published by Routledge.   As suggested by the title, it is a research methods book focused on the context and the needs of those conducting research … Continue reading New book ‘Management Research – Applying the Principles’