#AcWriMo 2022 – Week 1 round up

Total for week 1: 12h15m Average per day: 1h45m (skewed by an unusually long session on day 3) I have been doing AcWriMo in one form or another since its inception, 11 years ago. Sometimes I focus on time; other times on specific outputs. This year, I chose to focus on the second edition of … Continue reading #AcWriMo 2022 – Week 1 round up

December 2015 round-up

December was a busy month, though not as productive as November (specially on the writing and research front). I think that AcWriMo really helped to motivate me to write every day, and that in turn helped me move on with various writing projects.   December was also the last month of my #5pmproject, and these … Continue reading December 2015 round-up

November 2015 round-up

What. A. Busy. Month. And so many strong emotions (the attacks in Paris and elsewhere, the continued plight of the refugees, sad news from a friend…).   At a personal level, I reached the end of November feeling very tired, but also very satisfied with progress made on some key projects. I am also quite … Continue reading November 2015 round-up

October 2015 round up

October was busy. Very busy. This included a lot of firefighting, which I tend to find very draining. My #5pm pictures show that I spent a lot of time at my desk. But, unfortunately, only a minority of that time was spent on writing or, for that matter, on anything remotely related to research. Instead, my month … Continue reading October 2015 round up