Giving back to research participants

How can I give back to my research participants?   This is a question that has been in my mind, since I came across the transcript of a talk describing data collection as a gift exchange relationship. I have since lost the link to that talk*, but the main idea was that we should see data … Continue reading Giving back to research participants

Video: Digitalisation of SMEs

When I was at Oxford Brookes University, I worked on a project about the digitalisation of small and medium businesses (SMEs). We looked at how these businesses were using digital technologies, and which factors supported the successful adoption and depletion of these technologies.   This was a project developed with Drs. Sarah Quinton, Rebecca Pera, … Continue reading Video: Digitalisation of SMEs

Report: Digitalisation of SMEs

I have mentioned, several times, here in the blog, a project that I have been working on, with Drs. Sarah Quinton, Rebecca Pera, Tribikram Budhathoki and Sebastian Molinillo. The project looks at the preparedness levels of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for the digital economy. Among other initiatives, the study included a survey, which ran in four different … Continue reading Report: Digitalisation of SMEs

October 2015 round up

October was busy. Very busy. This included a lot of firefighting, which I tend to find very draining. My #5pm pictures show that I spent a lot of time at my desk. But, unfortunately, only a minority of that time was spent on writing or, for that matter, on anything remotely related to research. Instead, my month … Continue reading October 2015 round up

Day in the Life of an academic: the sabbatical edit

People keep asking me what I do on my sabbatical, so I thought that it would be fun to do a ‘Day in the Life’ post. This is what I got up to on Wednesday. I wake up about half an hour before my alarm went off, with the sun streaming through the bedroom window. … Continue reading Day in the Life of an academic: the sabbatical edit

How presenting your work can help you improve it

This isn’t a real post. Just the musings of a tired mind. Over the past few weeks, and specially the past few days, I have been kicking myself for committing to present the findings of the ‘Digitalisation of SMEs’ project (I mentioned it on the blog, earlier - for instance, here), at a research seminar … Continue reading How presenting your work can help you improve it

New book ‘Management Research – Applying the Principles’

I don’t think I’ve told you this, yet: I co-authored a book with Susan Rose and Nigel Spinks. The title is ‘Management Research - Applying the Principles’ and is published by Routledge.   As suggested by the title, it is a research methods book focused on the context and the needs of those conducting research … Continue reading New book ‘Management Research – Applying the Principles’

Research project: Mobile digital technology and the need for new business models

In the last year, I have been exploring - with colleagues Sarah Quinton and Paul Jackson – the research priorities brought about by ‘digital’, where digital is defined in a very broad sense to include new types of data, new methods and new business realities. We are particularly concerned with research that has a very … Continue reading Research project: Mobile digital technology and the need for new business models