New presentation on slide share: 3 reasons to embrace negative customer feedback

Inspired by Mark Schaefer’s podcast episode number 41 (get it here), I decided to convert one of my blogposts into a slide share presentation, to increase its reach.

The original blogpost is here. And here is the presentation (which is also available here):

I am very keen to hear your views: What do you think of this format?

3 thoughts on “New presentation on slide share: 3 reasons to embrace negative customer feedback

  1. I think it’s a good move. Using SlideShare as an additional channel, can really increase the reach of your content. It also potentially has a longer tail: you often get suggestions based on a presentation you’ve just watched, and when people search for that topic, they can find your content.
    But, as always, you also have to think about the why and how. A few questions you could/should ask yourself about the why:
    – Why do you want to increase your reach, what do you expect to gain from that?
    – Is SlideShare the channel where those who I want to reach are?
    – Does it really bring an additional audience, which will help me achieve my goals?

    Then some questions on how:
    – How do you make your presentation stand out?
    – How do you describe or tag your presentation?
    – How do you incorporate a call to action?

    I don’t have the answers to many of these questions, and like to experiment. Have done so with SlideShare, with mixed results. Mainly because I did not have a clear strategy. I recently used Haiku Deck to make a presentation. They have some great integration with Slideshare, if you use it from out of Slideshare. I think, to make your presentations stand out, it’s a great tool. I found it, by the way, through the Grow blog from Mark, which you pointed me to. How’s that for small circles :).


  2. Ah! Good questions (as always). I mostly blog because I want to share things that I read, learn, find out… And some of those things are useful (in my view) but are buried in a blog that many are not aware of (and those that do, lost track of it because it is ‘old’).

    Slide share seems to be an increasingly effective way to find content (as discussed in Mark’s podcast). So, this seemed like a good channel.

    PS – I will look at Haiku Deck. Round and round in circles, indeed…


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