Using social media for customer engagement

@Bernardamus reached out to me on Twitter, asking for suggestions of online references for a talk that he is preparing on the role of social media in customer engagement. I thought I would share my initial thoughts with you, and pick your brain, as well 🙂 Customer engagement (CE) is about connections with customers, as well … Continue reading Using social media for customer engagement

Guest post on the psychology of complaining

I wrote a guest post for Mark Schaefer’s blog, {grow}, on the psychology of complaining. I am an avid reader of {grow}, and always recommend it to marketers new and established. So, as you can imagine, it is a great honour to contribute to the community. Do take a look, and join the discussion, here.

New presentation on slide share: 3 reasons to embrace negative customer feedback

Inspired by Mark Schaefer's podcast episode number 41 (get it here), I decided to convert one of my blogposts into a slide share presentation, to increase its reach. The original blogpost is here. And here is the presentation (which is also available here): I am very keen to hear your views: What do you think of this … Continue reading New presentation on slide share: 3 reasons to embrace negative customer feedback

Book review: Social Media Explained

“Social Media Explained – Untangling the World’s Most Misunderstood Business Trend” is the latest book authored by American business consultant, speaker and educator, Mark W. Schaefer, who also runs the extremely helpful blog {grow}. Having read other books and work authored by Mark, I was expecting this book to do just what "it says on … Continue reading Book review: Social Media Explained

June round-up

June was a very weird month. Following some health problems, I had to take time off at the start of the month. Really off –the  ‘not-even-reading-a-book-kind-of- being-off' off.   That means that I failed to achieve most of the things on my To Do list. Still, there were some highlights during the month.   Researching … Continue reading June round-up

May round-up

At the start of the month, I wrote in my research journal: “May must be very, very productive”. By productive I meant researching and writing a lot. And I really meant it. But… ... my good intentions went down hill very, very, very quickly.   As I look at the square in my diary that … Continue reading May round-up