August 2015 round-up

This is a cliché but… where, oh where, did the summer go? I can’t believe that the semester starts again in a couple of weeks’ time. I really am not ready!

Looking back at my #5pm pictures, there were a lot of paper sorting, computer time and coffee drinking this month.


If I had to choose one word for August, it would be ‘surprises’. There were quite a few!


I have been reading, learning and writing quite a lot about sharenting (the activity of posting images, status updates and other content about one’s own children, on social media), and what it means for marketing.

I think that ‘sharented’ (is that even a word???) data offer an interesting opportunity for targeted interactions that are relevant for those consumers, and that make them feel listened to and valued by the firm. However, if those targeted interactions violate the users’ privacy concerns and consent expectations, and are deemed too intrusive, they will generate backlash and undermine trust in the organisation. I am also intrigued by the implications of sharenting for children as future consumers, for instance in terms of creation and management of digital footprints. So, if you were wondering why I have been blogging about children’s use of technology, and their digital rights… this is why.

I am also working on a bid, to try and secure some funding to explore these issues further. Fingers crossed…

On a completely different matter, I have been experimenting with different ways of capturing and visualising what I need to do, what I want to focus on, and so on. If you have a good system, please let me know, as I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.



I made some final edits on the paper that was accepted for publication, last month, though I do not have a publication date, yet.

IMG_7928I also did some major changes to a journal paper, which will be heading back to the journal’s editors very, very soon. This was quite a major task, and I nearly gave up… but I am very happy that I persevered and the paper is now on its way back to the editors (one of the month’s surprises!).


No teaching this month, but I have been busy planning a new module that I am teaching this semester, on the MBA programme.


I went to a Ruby coding session, and built a voting app. I loved the process, and I am even more determined than before to at least learn the basics of programming!


I am also practicing saying ‘no’ – and learning that the world does not end when I do that 😉


What were August’s highlights for you?

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