July 2015 round-up

IMG_7752July was a strange month, and yet very typical of this time of the year. I returned to my teaching and managerial responsibilities following the end of the sabbatical (including an office move), attended the Academy of Marketing Conference in Ireland, and had annual leave.



My #5pm pictures tell a great story about this month, too.


These are my highlights from July.


This month’s research highlight has to be the Academy of Marketing conference, where I got to meet colleagues old and new, see interesting presentations on recent research developments and hear a keynote by RyanAir’s CMO. I also got to present my own work – three co-authored papers, of which two got best paper in track awards. Yay.



This has been a terrible month, as far as writing is concerned. Though a paper that I have been working on for a loooong time, with three colleagues, has finally been accepted for publication.



While there was no teaching this month, there was some marking. There was also plenty of planning for the next semester, as it looks like I will be teaching in three modules.



This month, learning came mostly through the sessions that I attended at the Academy of Marketing conference. I particularly enjoyed papers on service co-creation, service encounters, and complaining on social media.


What were July’s highlights for you?

3 thoughts on “July 2015 round-up

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