Privacy threats: more than hacking or unauthorised surveillance

When we talk about privacy problems, we tend to focus on the collection or use of personal data without that person’s informed consent – for instance, hacking, unauthorised access, staff (mis)behaviour, or automated data collection.   However, a person’s privacy may be compromised even when they willingly agreed to share their data. Dan Nunan and … Continue reading Privacy threats: more than hacking or unauthorised surveillance

July 2016 round-up

Hello from sunny California, where I travelled to in order to attend (and present at) the Academy of Management annual conference. I am presenting my research on the hidden biases of algorithms used in decision making – specifically, those present in algorithms that sort through our financial transactions. If you are interested in this topic, … Continue reading July 2016 round-up

Why parents talk about their children on social media

The increasing popularity of social media has led to the emergence of the phenomenon of sharenting, whereby adults (parents, relatives, school administrators, …) share, on social media, details (pictures, videos, status updates, …) about the children in their care.   All very innocent, right?   Well, there are many disadvantages, too – and I am … Continue reading Why parents talk about their children on social media

Day in the Life of an Academic #5: a little bit of everything

Got up at 6 am, made myself some coffee, and then sat down to work on a research grant proposal. It is for a small pot of money, only, but it would be great to get it, so that I could do some exploratory work on parents’ views of sharenting. At 7am, the kids woke … Continue reading Day in the Life of an Academic #5: a little bit of everything

November 2015 round-up

What. A. Busy. Month. And so many strong emotions (the attacks in Paris and elsewhere, the continued plight of the refugees, sad news from a friend…).   At a personal level, I reached the end of November feeling very tired, but also very satisfied with progress made on some key projects. I am also quite … Continue reading November 2015 round-up

October 2015 round up

October was busy. Very busy. This included a lot of firefighting, which I tend to find very draining. My #5pm pictures show that I spent a lot of time at my desk. But, unfortunately, only a minority of that time was spent on writing or, for that matter, on anything remotely related to research. Instead, my month … Continue reading October 2015 round up

September 2015 round up

A few days ago, my line manager asked me if the start of the semester had felt like a great shock, following the sabbatical. That got me thinking about how different things are now and six months ago, and how I feel about it. Six months ago I was doing things (reading, writing, meeting, discussing…) … Continue reading September 2015 round up

August 2015 round-up

This is a cliché but… where, oh where, did the summer go? I can’t believe that the semester starts again in a couple of weeks’ time. I really am not ready! Looking back at my #5pm pictures, there were a lot of paper sorting, computer time and coffee drinking this month. If I had to … Continue reading August 2015 round-up

Protecting the rights of children as consumers of digital technology

There is a new initiative in the UK, the iRights, proposing guiding principles for the design and operation of digital spaces used by children, so that these young users of digital technology can fully benefit from the opportunities presented by digital technologies. I think that these principles are really helpful in moving the debate away … Continue reading Protecting the rights of children as consumers of digital technology

June 2015 round-up

All good things come to an end, and the sabbatical was no exception. As of July 1st, sabbatical consummatum est. As I entered the final month of my sabbatical, I told myself that I ought to not stop being on sabbatical before it was over. And, that was exactly what I did: June was a … Continue reading June 2015 round-up