Showing customers the care and effort that goes into creating the perfect experience

Last Sunday the teen scored a goal for her ice-hockey team. She celebrated. The team celebrated. The team’s supporters celebrated… But it was all in vain, because the referee did not see the goal, and, so, he disallowed it. It doesn’t matter that the puck went over the line. The referee didn’t see it. It didn’t count.

ih1 img_1451


In marketing, too, it’s not the effort that goes into making something that counts. It’s what the customer sees or believes. For instance, you can use the most expensive or the most superior smartphone components, like Google Pixel does. But, if the customer does not deem your phone to be superior to the competitors’, you won’t be able to charge a price that reflects the quality of what went into producing it.


This issue of perceptions is particularly relevant in the case of services, where the absence of tangible elements makes it very difficult for customers to assess quality before purchase, which can reduce their willingness to pay or delay the purchase.
One way of reducing this (perceived) risk is to make the backstage visible, and to show customers how much care and effort has gone into creating the perfect experience. The video below is an example of that.

This video was sent to my friend Alex by Europa Park, a theme park located in Germany. Alex is a frequent visitor of the park, often staying at one of the hotels located within the complex. So, he knows the service and the service provider, already.


Still, every time he chooses to travel with his family to his park, he is taking a risk. He is not only investing his money, but he is also investing his limited leisure time; and he wants to be sure that he uses his limited leisure time in a pleasant manner, packing in a lot of experiences and creating great memories.


With this video, Europa Park is not only showing (or, in my friend’s case, reminding) him all the things that he will be able to do, like the rides, the shows, the meals, the drinks, etc… It is also showing Alex how much care is taken, across all areas of the park – from the front desk, to the grass maintenance – to make his stay perfect for him and his family.


This video is bringing the backstage front and centre. So, he can rest assured that Europa Park are expecting the family’s visit, that there will be plenty to do, and that they will be looked after. Alex can rest assured that he made a good purchase, and start looking forward to the visit.

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