Adapting to the new normal – Webinar

Yesterday, I joined a webinar to share my colleague Liyuan Wei and I are supporting a boutique hotel to adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19.


The owner of the hotel very kindly joined us, too, to share his perspective – why he reached out to us, what he is getting from this collaboration, what it is like to work with academics, and so on.


A video of the session should be available, soon. But, in the meantime, here is my slide deck.

The hotel is the St Margaret’s Hotel, in Oxford. It is a family-owned, boutique hotel, with 11 rooms. This is their website.


In the presentation, I mentioned a few tools and theories. The first one, in slide 3, was “stakeholder analysis”. This paper by Donaldson and Preston discusses the key elements of stakeholder theory. Though, Wikipedia has a fairly good page, too.


The second concept, introduced in slide 5, was the need to adapt management action to the stage of the crisis’ lifecycle. I mentioned Ritchie’s paper “Chaos, crises and disasters: a strategic approach to crisis management in the tourism industry”. You need to pay to access the paper, but I always recommend contacting the author if you don’t have access through your library or by other means.


In slide 7, I mentioned the “sailing under bare poles” idea, taken from a webinar delivered by my colleague Ainurul Rosli. Do reach out to her, @ainurulrosli, if you want to learn more about this.


In slide 10, I mentioned that our approach was inspired by the Ansoff Matrix. This is a very well-established tool, and there is plenty written about it, online and offline. The Smart Insights page is a good place to start.


In slide 15, I introduce the Recognising-Rationalising- Refashioning framework. This is developed in a paper that I co-authored. The paper was published here. An open access version is available here. I also explained the framework in this blog post.


UPDATED 2 June 2020: The video of the webinar is now available:


As an academic, it is important for me to keep track of the uses and impact of my work. Hence, if the ideas presented here are useful for your business, or consulting, or teaching, please let me know.

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