Do price discounts help in crisis recovery?

When clients disappear, and demand dries up, it is tempting to cut prices. Businesses try to lure customers back with a good deal, particularly those that sell perishable items (for instance, food and flowers), seasonable items (for instance, Father’s Day cards and gifts) and services (for instance, restaurants and hairdressers). Hotel managers, for instance, see … Continue reading Do price discounts help in crisis recovery?

May 2020 round-up

Earlier this month, during one of my runs, I spotted a beautiful mirror, in a skip, outside the flower shop. I took a photo for my “Today’s run” series. But, then, I remembered Denise Agosto’s beautiful post about an abandoned coin on the pavement. In the post, she reflects on how the fear of the … Continue reading May 2020 round-up

Adapting to the new normal – Webinar

Yesterday, I joined a webinar to share my colleague Liyuan Wei and I are supporting a boutique hotel to adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19.   The owner of the hotel very kindly joined us, too, to share his perspective – why he reached out to us, what he is getting from this collaboration, … Continue reading Adapting to the new normal – Webinar