February 2021 round-up

February might be my favourite month of the year. It’s my birthday month. The days are visibly “longer” (in the sense that we visibly get more daylight hours with every few days that go by). It’s the shortest month. And Spring is just around the corner. I met a friend for a socially distanced walk in the park, and to swap books, which was really, really nice. 

On the writing front, we finished and submitted the Artificial Intelligence paper. Now, fingers crossed, it will survive the desk review stage, and it will be sent to sympathetic reviewers who will appreciate the work, and offer constructive feedback. In addition, I revised a paper (minor stuff). However, I have fallen behind on the Sentiment Analysis chapter.

As far as research is concerned, one of our proposals was rejected (i.e., no funding). Though, another one was approved, and we are already starting data collection. Hooray. We also selected the Research Assistant for a project starting in March; and discussed the follow up for the project that we wrapped up in January. 

I continued to teach the Customer Relationship Management, wrapped up the marking for the Services Marketing one, and had various supervision meetings (MSc and PhD). One of my PhD students had a successful Viva (with minor changes), and the other one submitted the full manuscript for their thesis – which I shall now read from beginning to end, and comment on, before it is submitted for the exam. I also participated on a webinar about Artificial Intelligence, and another one about social enterprise and The Washing Machine project.

As for admin, we interviewed candidates for the lecturer position, and made an offer that was accepted, which is great news. 

How did February treat you?

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