Something for your weekend: Social media reviews of 2016

We are now well into December and social media are full of 2016 reviews, and 2017 predictions.

2016 new business success strategy

Here are two that caught my attention.


YouTube Rewind

More than 200 YouTubers and personalities got together to relive some of 2016’s crazes – there is dabbing, and bottle flipping, and pineapple pen apple pen, and mannequin challenge, and carpool karaoke, and many, many more. Enjoy.



Twitter #ThisHappened

Twitter reports on the key moments and trends of 2016. There are top global trends, reminding us of moments and events like the Rio Olympics or the deaths of Bowie and Prince. There are social movements like Black Lives Matter, and crazes like Pokemon. And there are the top three most retweeted tweets.



What caught your eye on the web, this week?

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