November 2017 round-up

Jeez, the days and weeks seem to roll into each other, faster and faster, as we approach the end of the year!


They say that time flies when you are having fun, and I sure had some fun this month. We had some friends around for Bonfire Night.

01 IMG_4640

Then, I went to London with the teen for the Women of the Future awards, and nearly burst with pride when she won in the ‘Young Star’ category.

02 IMG_4705

And I have swapped the trainers for welly boots, and have been doing some walks around the village, as it is too wet for running.

03 IMG_4723


In addition, here is what I have been up to, work-wise, in the last month.



The funding proposal for the project looking at the use of social media to help small businesses obtain customer insight was revised and resubmitted. No word on it so far, which I am choosing to take as a good sign.


And I have been reading about the use of artificial intelligence in marketing, as I am planning a workshop on this theme.



Two papers have been reworked (having been previously rejected) and submitted (to different journals from the ones that we had previously targeted).


My co-author and I decided to give up on a paper that we had been working on about the role of audiences on social media posting behaviour, because we weren’t getting anywhere with the data. Frustrating, but, you know, sometimes we need to move on from certain papers.


On a more positive note, I have been working on a paper on personalisation in advertising, and I am making very good progress on this.




In addition to teaching on my Internet Marketing module (and marking assignments related to this mdule), I ran a workshop for our PhD students. It looked at the use of social media for networking and profile development.




I had another leadership training session. This time on using action learning for problem solving meetings. I have had better / more useful training sessions, let’s put it that way.

04 IMG_4744


Has November been kind with you?

2 thoughts on “November 2017 round-up

  1. I like the diplomatic way you assess the leadership training. When I was a head of department I was sent on a time management course: when I got there, half the chairs were empty – the delegates never made it because they were “too busy” or “something cropped up”.


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