Developing professionals for the digital era

In the discussion about the paper “A Heteronomous Consumer Romance”, for the Tell Me a Story podcast, Mike Molesworth (who authored that paper) reflected on how the job of a marketer has changed as a result of the digitalisation of consumption. It’s a topic that Lee Quinn, Sally Dibb, Lyndon Simkin, Mathew Analogbei and I also discussed in the paper “Troubled Waters: The … Continue reading Developing professionals for the digital era

[Miscellany] Students these days

Differences between generations Now and then, when I am talking with colleagues who have been teaching in the University environment for... some time (almost 20 years, like me), one of us will end up reminiscing about the “good old days” when we would do X or Y, which worked well with students. We will wonder … Continue reading [Miscellany] Students these days

June 2020 round-up

I hope you continue to do OK during these strange times. I am healthy and content, though I am struggling with the passage of time. On the one hand, I can’t believe that just over 4 months ago I was doing X or believing in Y completely different from today – it feels like many … Continue reading June 2020 round-up

November 2017 round-up

Jeez, the days and weeks seem to roll into each other, faster and faster, as we approach the end of the year!   They say that time flies when you are having fun, and I sure had some fun this month. We had some friends around for Bonfire Night. Then, I went to London with … Continue reading November 2017 round-up

Designing hands-on learning activities for marketers

A little known fact about me is that, back in 2007, I was in involved in the design and development of the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC). The GOMC is a group-based, hands-on learning activity, where students develop and implement an online marketing plan for a small to medium sized company. It is now in … Continue reading Designing hands-on learning activities for marketers

February 2016 round-up

I am writing this post from Malta, where I am visiting as part of my post as Chair in Digital Marketing. It is the perfect ending to what was a very convoluted month, in the sense that it is bringing my mind back to research and, in particular, the impact of digitalisation on marketing. I … Continue reading February 2016 round-up

April 2015 round-up

April is high up on my list of months that just flew by. Seriously, where did the last 30 days go? April was also a month of contrasts: highs and lows, fast and slow, noise and silence… It was a month that gave me a lot to think about, as I was preparing my monthly … Continue reading April 2015 round-up

March 2015 round-up

Spring is here (at least officially), I had one journal and three conference papers accepted, and our lovely friends SP have visited us. So, all in all, the month is ending on a high note. And if it is true that 50% of my sabbatical is now gone :-(, it is also the case that … Continue reading March 2015 round-up

Not so fast – Learning about audience engagement at a speed awareness course

In the period leading up to Christmas, I was caught driving just above the speed limit. Instead of getting a fine and points deducted from my driving licence, I was offered a chance to attend a Speed Awareness Course. I did attend the course, and I did learn a thing or two about speed limits. … Continue reading Not so fast – Learning about audience engagement at a speed awareness course

November round-up

This month was super-busy on the work front, with lots and lots of marking (dissertations), teaching, and planning for the next semester. Still, I managed to submit the journal article I was working on at the end of last month, and made good progress on two other projects. So, it was a good month, overall. … Continue reading November round-up