Monday Miscellany 15 Apr 19

Ship work Last week, Seth Godin shared the video from one of his talks and Q&A sessions. It is almost two hours long but super interesting - well worth grabbing a coffee and sitting down to enjoy this talk, available at:   One of the questions that resonated the most with me, came at around … Continue reading Monday Miscellany 15 Apr 19

Are Robots taking too big a byte out of our workforce?

The teen has been working on a school project about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on jobs. As part of that, she reached out to several experts, and has interviewed three of them. Here is the link to the podcast that she produced, as a result.   Highlights include: 0:15 Statistics on jobs vulnerable to … Continue reading Are Robots taking too big a byte out of our workforce?

My PhD, 10 years on

This month (November 5th to be exact) marked the 10th anniversary of my PhD viva. I did my PhD at LSE with Dr James Backhouse, and investigated the profiling of undesirable customers (or customer screening). I looked at how organisations define who is a desirable customer, and who isn’t one; and the process that they … Continue reading My PhD, 10 years on

September and October 2017 round-up

I did not write a round-up post last month because I only “realised” that September had ended when we were well and truly into October. I think that every month should have some sort of celebration on its last day, like October has Halloween. Isn’t it great to end the month on a festive note … Continue reading September and October 2017 round-up

July and August 2017 round-up

I wasn’t going to write a round-up post this month because, frankly, there isn’t much to show for the last 8 or so weeks. Or, at least, there isn’t as much as I wanted to. But, in the spirit of transparency that I try to bring to this blog, here is my modest summary of … Continue reading July and August 2017 round-up

Mobile phone usage – perceptions v reality

My good friend Tim Kourdi brought these graphs to my attention, recently. They show how much time we spend online on our mobile phones, and convey two key messages: We are now spending more than double the time online on our phones than we did 4 years ago; Younger segments spend around seven times more time … Continue reading Mobile phone usage – perceptions v reality