Day in the Life of an Academic #14: Teaching day

Someone asked me the other day what the job of an academic looks like. We talked about the multiple sides of academic life, and the need to balance them; about how we are never truly off, even if people outside of academy (my mother included!) seem to think that we are permanently on holidays; and … Continue reading Day in the Life of an Academic #14: Teaching day

Saying no

I was talking with a friend, recently, who was feeling very overwhelmed by the many responsibilities on her plate. This friend was feeling conflicted because people kept asking her to do more (often presented as a great opportunity), and she really felt that she couldn't take on any more responsibilities. However, she also didn't want … Continue reading Saying no

Balancing the multiple sides of academic life

I recently did a talk about how to balance teaching, research and administrative roles, as part of a career in higher education. As academics, we are expected to excel at three types of tasks: teaching, research, and administrative roles. For teaching, the work is cyclical, done in short, intense bursts; requires strong communication skills; and … Continue reading Balancing the multiple sides of academic life

Social media and academia – podcast

This is a very interesting interview / chat between Mark Carrigan and Inger Mewburn about the significance of social media for academics, and some of the associated challenges. Mark Carrigan is a social theorist at Cambridge University, and he is also the author of the book “Social Media for Academics”. [Side note: I am organising … Continue reading Social media and academia – podcast

Six reasons to blog, (even) if you are an academic

Last Sunday marked the 9th anniversary of this blog. I know that blogs are a bit old-fashioned, but I still enjoy blogging, and, overall, I have gained much from doing it. Hence, as a sort of celebration, I thought that I would share with you some of reasons why you might consider blogging, if (or, even, … Continue reading Six reasons to blog, (even) if you are an academic

6 steps to promote your work on social media – a guide for academics and other researchers

Let’s face it: social media can be overwhelming for new comers. There are so many different platforms that it is difficult to know where to start. Yet, social media are firmly part of mainstream culture, and can really help extend the reach and impact of research.   With that in mind, I developed a 6-step … Continue reading 6 steps to promote your work on social media – a guide for academics and other researchers

Counting the days until January

I am not one to wish away time but, boy, I am sooo looking forward to January!!! The reason I am looking forward to 2015 is that I have some study leave scheduled for the first part of the year. A sabbatical. According to this dictionary, sabbatical is an "extended period of leave from one's … Continue reading Counting the days until January

The writing group

It’s the ultimate irony: as an academic, you need to write to get promoted (or to even keep your job). Yet, doing the job leaves you no time for writing. So, you just agonise in silence, thinking that everybody else is managing this whole thing better than you. An effective counter-measure to these feelings and … Continue reading The writing group