Saying no

I was talking with a friend, recently, who was feeling very overwhelmed by the many responsibilities on her plate. This friend was feeling conflicted because people kept asking her to do more (often presented as a great opportunity), and she really felt that she couldn't take on any more responsibilities. However, she also didn't want … Continue reading Saying no

September 2020 round-up

September was about the return to routine. We returned to work after the family vacation. The kiddo returned to school after the long summer break, and the teen returned to her student accommodation. We also returned to the gym, after the lockdown.  Of course, everything is different this time around. Meetings are taking place online. Face … Continue reading September 2020 round-up

Book review “Deep Work” by Cal Newport

I have finished reading the book “Deep Work”, authored by Cal Newport. These are my reading notes about what is, in essence, a book about productivity. Its premise is that, to succeed in today’s information intensive economy, we need to be able to deal with, and learn about, complex subjects. As the author writes in page … Continue reading Book review “Deep Work” by Cal Newport

Book review: “Finish – Give yourself the gift of done” by Jon Acuff

I am in two minds about Jon Acuff's 'Finish - Give yourself the gift of done' (no affiliate link). On the one hand, I find the writing style a little bit off-putting (dad jokes galore… it is a bit too much). I also think that, at £13.96 (price on Amazon, at the time of writing) this … Continue reading Book review: “Finish – Give yourself the gift of done” by Jon Acuff

Writing when there is too much going on

April just flew by! Well, at least for me. What about you?   For me, April was marked by assignment marking, group presentations and visiting LUISS in Rome, as part of their internationalisation programme. The LUISS visit was very energising and gave me lots of food for thought research-wise, even if I did not get … Continue reading Writing when there is too much going on