Huawei customers more likely to endorse the brand than Apple ones. So what?

Market research recently published by Globalwebindex shows that Huawei customers were the most likely, among technology users, to recommend the brand to others.

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Should competitors like Samsung or Apple worry?




And why not?


Because when it comes to the impact of word of mouth on consumer behaviour volume of word mouth (i.e., how many people are talking about the brand) is more influential than valence (i.e., whether people are saying nice things about the brand or not). And this effect is amplified for popular products.


In this case, the difference between the proportion of people engaging in positive worth of mouth for Huawei vs. other brands is not very big. However, the difference in market share between Huawei and some of other brands is quite large. So, while the difference in willingness to recommend might put Huawei at a slight advantage over other small brands, it will make no difference vs the large brands mentioned in this survey.


When it comes to word of mouth, size matters.


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