Day in the Life of an Academic #13: Graduation

What I did, on Tuesday, 19th July.  07h07m: Alarm goes off but, really, I have been awake for a while because we are in the middle of a heatwave and it’s hard to sleep. Get up, cold shower, coffee, quick breakfast, and head out of the door. Today I am going to Brunel, for one of … Continue reading Day in the Life of an Academic #13: Graduation

[Miscellany] Customer reviews, GDPR fines and musings on graduation

Stick the film, then post a photo I have recently ordered some black out film for a window that lets in too much light during the night. There are 12 steps in the instructions, starting with cleaning the window, all the way down to… taking a photo and posting it with a review, online.   … Continue reading [Miscellany] Customer reviews, GDPR fines and musings on graduation

June 2016 round up

Brexit. That’s what dominated my June 2016 – first, the worry about it; then, the feeling of despair at the outcome. Which is a shame, because there were many good things happening this month, too, such as the graduation ceremonies.   Moving on… Here are my highlights from June. Tell me yours, in the comments … Continue reading June 2016 round up

June round-up

June was a very weird month. Following some health problems, I had to take time off at the start of the month. Really off –the  ‘not-even-reading-a-book-kind-of- being-off' off.   That means that I failed to achieve most of the things on my To Do list. Still, there were some highlights during the month.   Researching … Continue reading June round-up

Graduation day

This morning my (former) PhD student, Faten Jaber, graduated – Dr Faten Jaber, actually. What a talented and incredibly driven young woman. I am so proud of her. Dr Jaber investigated the factors that affect successful adoption of Customer Relationship Management systems across different industries. The quality of her work was recognised at the Academy … Continue reading Graduation day

Graduation time at Oxford Brookes University

Today, at Oxford Brookes University, we celebrate the graduation of the students that joined our MSc Marketing and MSc eMarketing programme in September 2011. It is a wonderful occasion - the students come back with their families and we celebrate their achievements together. I am bursting with pride for them. The students' names are called … Continue reading Graduation time at Oxford Brookes University