The Race for a Vaccine

This week, I had my Covid-19 booster jab, which came with some nasty side effects. I was feeling very sorry for myself – on the one hand, unable to sleep because my arm hurt; on the other, unable to do much else because of high fever and a splitting headache. So, I decided to revisit Intelligence … Continue reading The Race for a Vaccine

April 2021 round-up

This month has a taste of fresh start, for me. The teen went back to university; the kiddo went back to class teaching (even if it was delayed because of a false positive Covid rapid test result); the lockdown restrictions started easing; the husband received a fantastic job offer; and I had my first Covid … Continue reading April 2021 round-up

[Miscellany] Covid-19 vaccines – intentions, celebrities, and marketing strategy insights

The Covid-19 vaccine effort is truly exceptional. First, how scientists have developed the vaccines at incredible speed. Then, the logistics of manufacturing, distributing and delivering the vaccines around the world. And, now, the effort of convincing citizens to get vaccinated. According to the Omni Calculator, given the UK government’s priority list, and assuming a vaccination … Continue reading [Miscellany] Covid-19 vaccines – intentions, celebrities, and marketing strategy insights