Types of machine learning – a crib sheet for marketers

According to a market study by advisory firm Dresner, reported in Forbes, marketing managers are more likely than any other organisational function to see machine learning as critically important for the achievement of their goals. As shown in the graph below, 40% think that machine learning is critically important, and nearly two-thirds (65%) think that it is … Continue reading Types of machine learning – a crib sheet for marketers

Biases in algorithms – the case of Hello Barbie

Sometime ago, I saw a presentation by Val Steeves, Professor of Criminology at the University of Ottawa (Canada), about her research on smart toys. The talk focused on Hello Barbie, a Barbie-branded doll which is advertised as “the first fashion doll that can have a two-way conversation with girls”, and featuring “speech recognition and progressive … Continue reading Biases in algorithms – the case of Hello Barbie

Resource on the sociology of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision making

In my process of learning about artificial intelligence, and reflecting on its implications for society (and marketing, as part of it), I came across the work of Zeynep Tufekci. She works on the sociology of technology, for instance the social consequences of algorithmic manipulation, or how people in power use artificial intelligence to manipulate us:   … Continue reading Resource on the sociology of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision making

August and September 2016 round-up

August was taken up with conferences and time off with the family, so I decided to skip the usual monthly round up post and merge it with September’s. And, then, September flashed through, as well, with back to school matters, and dealing with various cold viruses and man-flu in the house. Here are the highlights. … Continue reading August and September 2016 round-up

July 2016 round-up

Hello from sunny California, where I travelled to in order to attend (and present at) the Academy of Management annual conference. I am presenting my research on the hidden biases of algorithms used in decision making – specifically, those present in algorithms that sort through our financial transactions. If you are interested in this topic, … Continue reading July 2016 round-up

January 2016 round-up

January was busy / interesting / crazy. 2016 has certainly started with a bang, and a very big mix of positives and negatives (I am looking at you, parking attendant!). I am starting the new month – and the new semester – quite tired, already, which is less than ideal. But, hey, onwards and upwards … Continue reading January 2016 round-up

March 2015 round-up

Spring is here (at least officially), I had one journal and three conference papers accepted, and our lovely friends SP have visited us. So, all in all, the month is ending on a high note. And if it is true that 50% of my sabbatical is now gone :-(, it is also the case that … Continue reading March 2015 round-up