Day in the Life of an Academic #12: Spanners in the work

I had a request for another day in the life blog post. I usually try to pick up days that illustrate different facets of the life of an academic, to help others considering this profession visualise the type of work and experiences involved; and to connect with those interacting with academics (students, administrators, research partners...). … Continue reading Day in the Life of an Academic #12: Spanners in the work

February 2020 round-up

February was good.   There were some moments of intense sadness, for instance, following the news that Caroline Flack had committed suicide. But, overall, February was a month with a definite sense of momentum at work, with several pieces falling into place. It was also a month with a sense of fun, which even included … Continue reading February 2020 round-up

May 2017 round-up

My heart broke twice, this month: when I woke up to news of the attack targeting children and young people at Ariana Grande’s concert; and when I learned that some dear friends are facing a very difficult challenge.   Both these news immediately put my personal ‘problems’ into perspective (swiftly downgrading them to mere inconveniences), … Continue reading May 2017 round-up

January 2016 round-up

January was busy / interesting / crazy. 2016 has certainly started with a bang, and a very big mix of positives and negatives (I am looking at you, parking attendant!). I am starting the new month – and the new semester – quite tired, already, which is less than ideal. But, hey, onwards and upwards … Continue reading January 2016 round-up

Writing when there is too much going on

April just flew by! Well, at least for me. What about you?   For me, April was marked by assignment marking, group presentations and visiting LUISS in Rome, as part of their internationalisation programme. The LUISS visit was very energising and gave me lots of food for thought research-wise, even if I did not get … Continue reading Writing when there is too much going on