Do price discounts help in crisis recovery?

When clients disappear, and demand dries up, it is tempting to cut prices. Businesses try to lure customers back with a good deal, particularly those that sell perishable items (for instance, food and flowers), seasonable items (for instance, Father’s Day cards and gifts) and services (for instance, restaurants and hairdressers). Hotel managers, for instance, see … Continue reading Do price discounts help in crisis recovery?

Smartphone manufacturing costs vs retail prices

Statistics company, Statista, published this chart showing the manufacturing costs of leading smartphone brands:   Focusing on phones launched in 2016, only, we can see that Huawei uses the cheapest components, and Google Pixel the most expensive. And that Samsung phones use more expensive hardware components than their Apple counterpart: Phone model Manufacturing cost $ … Continue reading Smartphone manufacturing costs vs retail prices

The price of impatience

If you want to play the Nintendo 3DS game ‘LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins’ you can order it online at £29.99. Alternatively, you can download it directly from the Nintendo channel, for £34.99. This is a puzzling pricing strategy since the game is exactly the same (as far as I am aware, the downloadable … Continue reading The price of impatience