March 2016 round-up

This month felt very much like a Mad Hatter tea party, with quite a bit of nonsense, and weirdness, and twists and turns. At least there was a lot of tea. And cake.


These are my highlights for the month that was. Tell me yours, in the comments below.



I worked on a panel proposal about digital identities, and the insight revealed by the accumulating little nuggets of social media data. And I have been working on a proposal for a grant to look at the management of children’s online identities (given the huge revealing power of social media data).



This month I had quite a lot of work moving into production stage and, as a result, a lot of ‘answering queries’ and of signing forms giving away my rights (how come clever people do this?). So, soon, I should be able to share with you links to:

  • a paper on co-creation to appear in the Industrial Marketing Management journal;
  • one on customer relationship management to appear in the Journal of Strategic Marketing
  • and one on the use of simulations in teaching to appear on the Journal of Marketing Education.


I also had good news about a paper on wearable technology surviving the first stage of reviews. And, I had a paper on algorithmic decision making accepted for a conference (though another one was rejected – swings and roundabouts, I guess).


Finally, there was a lot of paper reviewing, as I had to make decisions regarding which papers to accept and which ones to reject, for the Academy of Marketing conference’s track on Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.




Teaching wise, I continue to teach a module on Digital Marketing Communications… and to have a stress attack every time the Internet does not work, and I can not show a video I was really keen to share with the class.


And I had to read and comment on several dissertations, and to mark marketing plans for launch of a super food product.



While I was in Malta, I learned a lot about the Internet of Things, including how it is being used in the insurance sector.



And by reviewing Kemi’s book, I learned about employee engagement for social media.



What were March’s highlights for you?

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