March 2016 round-up

This month felt very much like a Mad Hatter tea party, with quite a bit of nonsense, and weirdness, and twists and turns. At least there was a lot of tea. And cake. These are my highlights for the month that was. Tell me yours, in the comments below.   Researching I worked on a … Continue reading March 2016 round-up

Offering high levels of customisation may actually be a bad idea

The marketing literature emphasises the role of the customer in co-creating value with the firm, as opposed to being a passive recipient of value at the end of a transaction. This can be achieved a posteriori, when the customer adds something to the product to make it more valuable for him or herself (for instance, when … Continue reading Offering high levels of customisation may actually be a bad idea

Young children’s use of tablets and mobile apps

The University of Sheffield has released the early findings from an ongoing study looking at the use of tablets and apps by children aged up to 5 years old. You can learn more about the project, and download the report, here. Some aspects of the study are debatable (e.g., the classification of the apps mixes … Continue reading Young children’s use of tablets and mobile apps

Why I edited an Wikipedia entry

It seems that mentioning that I had edited an entry in Wikipedia raised some questions marks (and, possibly, an eyebrow or two). To be clear, I wrote a very, very small sentence, in the Wikipedia entry for ‘Co-Creation’. If you had checked it just before and after my addition, you would probably not even notice … Continue reading Why I edited an Wikipedia entry

November round-up

This month was super-busy on the work front, with lots and lots of marking (dissertations), teaching, and planning for the next semester. Still, I managed to submit the journal article I was working on at the end of last month, and made good progress on two other projects. So, it was a good month, overall. … Continue reading November round-up

June round-up

June was a very weird month. Following some health problems, I had to take time off at the start of the month. Really off –the  ‘not-even-reading-a-book-kind-of- being-off' off.   That means that I failed to achieve most of the things on my To Do list. Still, there were some highlights during the month.   Researching … Continue reading June round-up

May round-up

At the start of the month, I wrote in my research journal: “May must be very, very productive”. By productive I meant researching and writing a lot. And I really meant it. But… ... my good intentions went down hill very, very, very quickly.   As I look at the square in my diary that … Continue reading May round-up

Co-Creation mind map

I am working on a paper using co-creation, which required me to survey the related literature. To help me capture the key themes discussed in the various papers that I read, I created a mind map. This is still work in progress but, as this is such a relevant topic in marketing (and management, in … Continue reading Co-Creation mind map

Slow down to speed up

In a recent speech to graduating students at Tufts University, Anne-Marie Slaughter talked about the importance of slowing down. She said: "Celebrate idleness. Yes, idleness. (...) our greatest insights and discoveries come not when we are doubling down staring at a computer screen or into a microscope, but when we sit back, rub our eyes, go for a … Continue reading Slow down to speed up