Not in front of Alexa, dear

In a recent episode of the “Let's talk about tech – Tech phone-in” podcast, the presenters were debating the extent to which smart voice assistants like Alexa presented a security and privacy threat. Fevzi Turkalp, from, explained: The way that Alexa works (…) is that the smart bit of it is done on the … Continue reading Not in front of Alexa, dear

A brief and non-techy introduction to the Internet of Things for marketers

This paper aims to demystify the Internet of Things (IoT) for marketers. It provides a non-technical introduction to what the IoT is, and how it creates value for users (and, hence, why there has been so much excitement about it).   The paper also presents a general overview of key implications for marketers to consider, … Continue reading A brief and non-techy introduction to the Internet of Things for marketers

I say wearables, you say apps and stuff

The general definition of wearables in the industry literature, is that they are machine to human devices, embedded with internet connectivity, and with the capability of collecting, storing and transmitting data. In the health and fitness arena, this includes fitness trackers, smartwatches, skin patches and certain types of smart clothing. This definition is focused on … Continue reading I say wearables, you say apps and stuff

March 2016 round-up

This month felt very much like a Mad Hatter tea party, with quite a bit of nonsense, and weirdness, and twists and turns. At least there was a lot of tea. And cake. These are my highlights for the month that was. Tell me yours, in the comments below.   Researching I worked on a … Continue reading March 2016 round-up

September 2015 round up

A few days ago, my line manager asked me if the start of the semester had felt like a great shock, following the sabbatical. That got me thinking about how different things are now and six months ago, and how I feel about it. Six months ago I was doing things (reading, writing, meeting, discussing…) … Continue reading September 2015 round up