The importance of asking ‘why’

My friend Tim Kourdi brought my attention to this presentation by Professor Clayton Christensen about a market research study done with milkshake consumers: If you abstract from the presentation's background and the fact that he keeps describing the act of buying food items as 'hiring' ***seriously, what's going on there?*** this is, actually, a neat … Continue reading The importance of asking ‘why’

PhD topics that I am supervising at Oxford Brookes University

The institution where I work, the Faculty of Business at Oxford Brookes University, has a thriving doctoral programme, including studentship opportunities. If you are considering a doctoral degree, do take a look at the research topics available. I can supervise 1-2 doctoral students who wish to research any of the topics below. Bad customer behaviour … Continue reading PhD topics that I am supervising at Oxford Brookes University

Social Media and Customer Insight

In a previous post, I reported on the keynote speech by Charles Hofacker, at the Academy of Marketing conference – you can read it here. Charles noted how computers have been getting smaller but more powerful, and closer and closer to the users. As a consequence of smaller, more powerful and closer information technology, consumer … Continue reading Social Media and Customer Insight