March 2020 round-up

At the beginning of the month, I wrote in my journal that March would be a month in two halves. And it was. But not at all as I had imagined it would be. To be fair, my months rarely pan out as planned. But, boy, has this month been unexpected?!   The first half … Continue reading March 2020 round-up

Video of talk at BCS

The video of my talk at BCS earlier this year - entitled 'Who wants 4G?' - is now available online. It is rather long and not the best sound quality, but it touches on a some key concepts and models that help us understand adoption of technological products. There were some great questions from the … Continue reading Video of talk at BCS

Who wants 4G?

This afternoon, I am delivering a talk at the Oxfordshire branch of BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. More details here. In this talk, we put technology to the side and focus, instead, on the social and psychological needs of mobile phone users. This is the slide set for the session. As usual, I would … Continue reading Who wants 4G?