May 2021 round-up

Lockdown eased further in May. We are now allowed to meet indoors (with some restrictions), indoor gym classes are back on, and I sat in a café for the first time in ages. And while there were many obvious signs that we are still living in a Covid world (masks, limited seating, distanced tables...), it … Continue reading May 2021 round-up

October 2020 round-up

This month included 2 weeks of half-term for the kiddo. Since we did not use camps, and there were limited opportunities to meet friends, this created some challenges. So, it’s a good thing that the month started well (as far as productivity is concerned). Time blocks worked well for me, as did weekly and daily … Continue reading October 2020 round-up

June 2020 round-up

I hope you continue to do OK during these strange times. I am healthy and content, though I am struggling with the passage of time. On the one hand, I can’t believe that just over 4 months ago I was doing X or believing in Y completely different from today – it feels like many … Continue reading June 2020 round-up

May 2020 round-up

Earlier this month, during one of my runs, I spotted a beautiful mirror, in a skip, outside the flower shop. I took a photo for my “Today’s run” series. But, then, I remembered Denise Agosto’s beautiful post about an abandoned coin on the pavement. In the post, she reflects on how the fear of the … Continue reading May 2020 round-up

April 2020 round-up

To be honest, I was a little bit nervous about doing my monthly review. On the one hand, I really wasn’t looking forward to re-read daily-entry after daily-entry about being in lockdown, like when I was wondering how to do an Easter egg hunt in the flat. On the other hand, I felt that whatever … Continue reading April 2020 round-up

Day in the Life of an Academic #10: In lock-down

A peak into a day that was anything but ordinary: April 1st, a Wednesday, halfway through the second week of lockdown in the UK.   I got up just before 8 am, which is very late for me. Normally, by now, I would be getting ready to leave the house to drop the kiddo in … Continue reading Day in the Life of an Academic #10: In lock-down

What the mortgage market lockdown means for vulnerable consumers – lessons from the 2008 recession

When the UK went into lockdown, the process of selling our flat stalled, as both the buyer and ourselves are facing various practical barriers to execute the sale. We are not the only ones, of course. Even before the lockdown, house sales were falling (40% fewer enquiries and 15% fewer sales agreed, according to property … Continue reading What the mortgage market lockdown means for vulnerable consumers – lessons from the 2008 recession